Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak for Callus

Suffer from calluses? Apple Cider Vinegar foot soak for callus can save the day. Callus remains a common foot ailment in spite of the measures that have long been available to manage it. They are flaky, rough, and corny skin on the sole of the feet. Often the result of constant friction on the skin’s surface, a callus is characterized by an area of hardened skin that has built up on the front of the foot from constant contact with an object or surface. This build-up of hardened skin often considerably reduces the skin’s ability to flex and, therefore, makes walking or other activities uncomfortable and painful. The build-up is also the reason that calluses are thought to be unsightly, causing a person to want to hide their feet and feel embarrassed. Because the build-up is also susceptible to infection, the skin must be carefully and regularly cleaned.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak for Callus is a new approach for eliminating the build-up of calluses. Known to create a “foaming” action, the vinegar slowly erodes the surface of the hardened skin on foot, leaving behind a smooth, soft, supple, and much sought-after appearance. To assist you in your endless endeavor to take care of your callus-ridden feet, enlisted are the proven steps to whole-heartedly and successfully get rid of your rough skin.

What You’ll Need

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak for Callus
Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak for Callus

Apple cider vinegar for callus is an all-natural treatment that can be used at home. It costs significantly less than other over-the-counter remedies and, in most cases, can give you quick relief from pain and tenderness caused by calluses. If you are in search of quality Apple cider vinegar, we recommend Bragg organic apple vinegar. Made from organically grown apples, it is rich in basic goodness that has been known to promote weight loss, restore natural beauty and assist with callus. This USDA-certified organic, unpasteurized white vinegar in a 1.5lt bottle makes it easy to use and provides clean, clear relief.

2. Baking Soda or Epsom SaltBaking Soda

Baking soda and Epsom salt are known for their abrasive qualities that often help soften feet and get rid of callus build-up. You can use them individually or in combination, but they’re highly effective when it comes to exfoliating dead skin cells, opening clogged pores, and reducing the size of your calluses.

3. PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream

The skin on our feet is a different kind of skin than the rest of the body. It’s thicker, coarser, and has a limited nerve supply, which makes it more difficult to care for. This skin is also prone to diseases like eczema and fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Thus, you need a specialized cream for taking care of your feet and preventing any skin infections.PurSources Urea cream

The PurSources Urea cream is a specialized foot cream that provides hydration and leaves the feet soft all day long. The active urea in this cream helps soothe and soften the dry and damaged skin on the feet, ensuring that it is well nourished as well as left smooth and soft. We recommend this cream for people with easy-to-treat skin problems like eczema or fungal infections, while people with deeper pores and rough skin would benefit from this cream as well. Made of premium quality formula proven to administer healing, healthy nutrients to the skin. Further enriched with glycerine, PEG 100 Stearate, and so much more, the easy-to-use cream makes it a great choice for tightening and softening your skin and effectively treating a variety of skin health problems.

How to Apply Apple Cider Vinegar Paste

  1. Mix the apple cider vinegar with the baking soda or Epsom salt as is your choice. The quantity that you have to use of this mixture should be in a 1:1 ratio to the amount to apply onto your feet.
  2. Now, before you apply the mixture, make sure your feet are well-hydrated and clean. To do so, soak it in lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes for best results.
  3. After the feet are clean and dry, start applying the mixture with the help of a spray bottle or cotton ball. When you are done, pat the feet dry.
  4. Apply the cream on your hands, working them into your feet. Massage the cream into your skin for a minute or so to soften them.


Apple cider vinegar is an effective cure for callus. It not only makes the smooth skin free from calluses but also helps make the feet soft and flexible. And it is cheaper than going to a doctor’s appointment or buying expensive foot lotions. So you can try it and see the difference you can achieve for your feet.


1. What Happens When You Soak Your Feet in Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is known for its many health benefits. It is a natural medicine that will help improve the condition of the feet. It helps with removing the dead skin layer and softens the callus on the feet.

2. Does Soaking Your Feet in Vinegar Remove Dead Skin?

Yes, Vinegar will remove dead skin from your feet and make them smooth. It will also assist with moisturizing the skin.

3. Does Detoxing Your Feet Really Work?

Yes, detoxing your feet will actually work and remove dead skin from your feet and prevent new layers of dead skin from forming. Detoxing will also help with softening the calluses, which should make you feel more comfortable and less pain during the day.

Final Thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak for Calluses

Calluses are not a disease, and they are not dangerous, yet it is better to treat them whenever they start developing. Take help from home remedies that I have discussed above as it is the simplest way to get rid of it.

However, if these home remedies didn’t improve the situation,  it’s always better to consult a doctor before you take further action. 

For more information on home remedies for your feet, you can read all our articles on our website.