Exfoliating Foot Peel Treatment

If you want softer, smoother feet, you’ll love what can be achieved with a foot peel treatment. We’ll review a couple of excellent products that you can choose to sooth and soften your feet.

Unlike dry treatments such as files and grinders, the socks used by foot peel treatments to soak the feet, provide a gentle longer treatment. Great for those who find hard skin removers abrasive or painful on the feet.

What is Foot Peel Treatment? What is a Foot Peel Treatment

A foot peel treatment works by immersing the feet in a soaking solution that works to break down the dead excess skin on the feet. Rather than using a hand or electric tool to remove the hard skin, the peel solution works to exfoliate the hard skin easily with little to no effort.

These products are ideal for people who like to wear sandals, open-fronted shoes (such as high heels) or other foot reveling type shoes. If you want your feet to be seen and out in the open, you want nice looking and “touchable” feet.

In most instances, you’ll enjoy results in just five to seven days! Foot peels are easy to use, and they’re scented with soothing fragrances and deliver spa-quality peeling.

Usually, you receive a couple of pairs of “soaking socks”, allowing a second round of exfoliation if needed.

How to Use a Foot Peel Treatment

The process is quite easy, but package directions should be followed to provide an effective treatment.

  • Soak both feet in warm water
  • Dry your feet with a clean towel
  • Cut holes in the tops of the booties in order to ensure great fit
  • Insert each foot in a bootie and then seal the booties with tape. (The tape is included)
  • Place typical socks on over the booties to ensure that the booties stay snug to the skin
  • After the booties have been worn for a couple of hours, take them off and then rinse and dry your feet.

For best results, soak your feet daily for about ten minutes (either shower or tub) The skin will begin to peel off on its own.

#1 Product on the Market – Silken Soles

  • Easy to use at home, just cut a hole in top of soaking socks, slide your foot into the liquid and relax while spa quality Glycolic & Salicylic Acid works on your feet
  • 2 pair pack of treatment socks for a 2nd use for exfoliating of even the driest, hard or callused feet. Didn’t work enough first time, just repeat the treatment
  • Feel the difference. Get baby soft feet, Lavender scent for touch softer feet. Go barefoot, wear sandals, flaunt your Silken Soles Foot Mask perfect satin silk feet!

#2 – BabyFoot

  • The Original Baby Foot Peeling Mask Made with 17 natural ingredients and botanical extracts
  • The most favorite foot mask for aged Calluses and Dead Skin. Easy to use: a simple three-step process: open, apply, and then wash away. No pain at all, just tender smooth feet.
  • It takes only one week to remove the dead skin cells from the sole which means only one application to make your sole like a baby’s
  • This foot mask is great to share with your family and friends. Let them enjoy baby soft, healthy feet like yours. Baby Foot easy pack 1.2 fl oz.(30ml) per foot X 2 Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

#3 – Exfoliating Foot Peel Treatment Mask

  • No result? – No worries! Applying it 3 days later, Start to do Hot Foot Bath 2~3 times. Helpful
  • Soft baby feet – Get rid of calluses & dead skin and get a soft baby foot in just 1-2 weeks!
  • Easy and safe to apply – just apply and let the foot mask peel do its work. No scrubbing, no pain, just nice smooth feet.
  • Share with your family and friends – This best peel off mask is great to share with your family and friends for them to enjoy a baby like soft, more attractive, pinkish and healthy feet like yours.
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee – 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, and no returns necessary. Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask

Chemical foot peel treatments are considered safe if used correctly. Much like any treatment, they should not be used by diabetics or people with neuropathy.

If in doubt, you should always get the advice of a fully qualified foot health professional. A GP, Physician or Podiatrist will let you know.

For additional information on foot callus removal home remedies, read this article.

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